September 18, 2012

Trees Not Towers Reaches Quarter Million Mark

The Forest Society reached an early milestone in its campaign to raise $2.5 million by October 31, 2012 for conservation easements on 1800 acres in Coos County by raising the first quarter of a million dollars. Paula Tracy's story in the Union Leader newspaper can be read here.

"It's interesting to note that two-thirds of the donations have come from south of the White Mountains," said Susanne Kibler-Hacker, VP of Development for the Forest Society. "People are clearly understanding that the best way to stop Hydro Quebec and Northeast Utilities from erecting towers and powerlines in Deerfield or Concord or Canterbury or Plymouth--anywhere along the proposed 180-mile route--is to thwart their effort to establish a right-of-way through Coos County in the north. That's what Trees Not Towers is about."

Donations can be made online here or by calling the Forest Society at 603-224-9945.

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