October 6, 2012

"Benefits" of Northern Pass Challenged

"Although federal approvals of the 180-mile high-voltage transmission line are on hold pending establishment of a right-of-way from the Canadian border to Groveton, debate over projected costs and benefits of Northern Pass has not slowed."
In this New Hampshire Business Review article, Maureen D. Smith highlights two studies that question the economic benefits of the proposed Northern Pass transmission line touted by Northeast Utilities and Hydro Quebec. Read more here.
The studies in question include the June 2012 report, "Electricity Market Impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission Project," by PA Consulting, who reached far less rosy conclusions than a similar analysis commissioned by Charles River Associates commssioned by Northern Pass itself; and  "Job Impacts in New Hampshire from Construction of the Proposed Northern Pass High-Voltage Transmission Line," in which Dover-based PolEcon Research concluded that job impacts from the project would be about half of Northern Pass estimates and would be temporary.

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