November 15, 2012

Trees Not Towers Tops $1 Million

As of mid-November, more than 1,000 donors have now made a gift to the Forest Society's Trees Not Towers campaign to disrupt the intended route of the proposed Northern Pass HVDC transmission line. To date more than $1 million has been raised, with $135,000 coming in the door since Nov. 1.

"We're extremely pleased with the response to our recent announcement that we have successfully raised enough to close on two of the four conservation easements that are a blocking action against the Northern Pass intended route," said Jane Difley, president/forester. "It's clear to me that those who value New Hampshire's scenic landscapes are encouraged and want to see us reach our ultimate goal."

Donors come from far and wide, inside and outside the state. The Forest Society has received gifts from 178 different towns across New Hampshire, showing broad, statewide support of the Trees Not Towers effort. Donations have been received from 26 states and three foreign countries. Half of the gifts have come via our website.
The Forest Society must raise $2.5 million to put conservation easements on properties owned by four landowners in northern Coos County. The goal of the campaign is to block Northern Pass from finding a route through some of the state's most scenic landscape in order to begin a genuine discussion of viable alternatives such as burial of transmission lines along transportation corridors or co-locating along an existing HVDC transmission corridor that already runs from Canada to Massachussets.


  1. So many things happening, Newfoundland gets loan guarantee ."Alexandre Cloutier, Quebec's intergovernmental affairs minister , said his province never received similar help from Ottawa for its hydroelectric development." Quebec is looking at its legal options to fight the deal and try to bully and scare people into submission. Hydro Quebec is bullying New Hampshire resulting in citizens trying to raise $2.5 million to stop HQ's latest Northern Pass bullying attempt.
    Drive through Northern New Hampshire and see the Road signs " Hydro Quebec stop bulling New Hampshire" HQ seems to have endless millions to spend on its marketing campaign to push high voltage above ground power lines through New Hampshire. Where would HQ be without the billions it gets from the Churchill Falls project . Worth your while to view MUN Harris Center public video.
    Will show you the source of it's endless millions.

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