July 7, 2014

No Northern Pass Video 3: A Hiker's Perspective

 The unnecessary and unpopular Northern Pass electrical transmission line would cut across New Hampshire for 187 miles from north to south, crossing many hiking trails - including the Appalachian Trail - along the way. 1500 huge new towers with high-voltage lines would rise high above the trees, visible for miles around. 

We've partnered with the Conservation Media Group on a video series that helps shine the light on why the Northern Pass project should not go ahead as currently planned. Please watch the latest video, and - if you haven't already - join us in signing the petition urging opposition to the Northern Pass. New England's governors will meet in New Hampshire on July 15th; tell them before that meeting, "If Northern Pass does not agree to bury power lines, it should be stopped.” 

Over 4000 people have signed the petition to date. Please share this email and ask your friends and family to join you in taking action by adding their own signatures and sending the strongest possible message to the region's policymakers.

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