December 26, 2011

Balsams Donations Double over Christmas Weekend

Going into the long Christmas weekend, donations to the Forest Society's Save the Balsams Landscape campaign were just over $100,000--not a bad result after barely two weeks. However, the holiday weekend was a real boost to the campaign as total donations had jumped to more than $200,000 before the end of Christmas Day.

"Each breaking news story brought a flurry of gifts as donors encouraged us to carry on in spite of the challenge by Northern Pass and then celebrated the favorable decision by the Director of Charitable Trusts by giving even more," said Susan Kibler-Hacker, vice-president of development at the Forest Society."It is a testament to the importance of this project that so many people took time out of a busy holiday week to support our efforts."
The Forest Society must raise a total of $850,000 by Jan. 15 to conserve 5800 acres and acquire the powerline easement, which will then be extinguished. Donations can be made online here.


  1. Will becoming a new member benefit the Balsams campaign, or should a separate donation be made? Thanks for all you do for New Hampshire.

  2. If you'd like to benefit the Save the Balsams Landscape campaign directly, target your donation to Save the Balsams (Make checks out to Forest Society, note Save the Balsams on the check). Donors to the SAve the BAlsams campaign will receive a complimentary one-year membership in the Forest Society. Thanks! (Jack Savage)


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