January 11, 2012

Tell the Senate to Defend Your Property Rights Today!

On January 18, the New Hampshire State Senate will vote on HB648. For anyone who values private property rights, this is one of the most important votes this legislative session. Please call your state senator before January 18 and ask him/her to support the Bragdon/Forrester amendment to HB648.

This amendment makes clear that private developers do not have access to eminent domain for energy projects. It also makes clear that Article 12-a, the constitutional amendment adopted by 85 percent of all New Hampshire voters in November 2006, applies to ALL private developers.

Contact your State Senator today (click here to find contact information for your Senator). Tell your State Senator that you expect him or her to defend Article 12-a, and not to support the recommendation of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Will Abbott, VP of Policy and Land Management at the Forest Society at 224-9945.

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