March 23, 2011

Gov. Lynch Gets 2600 New Pen Pals

It is increasingly clear--at least to anyone who chooses to listen--that the people of New Hampshire are not in favor of the Northern Pass proposal. More than two dozen towns have voted to opposed the power line project and the recent week of DOE scoping hearings drew more than 2500 people who were overwhelmingly opposed. Gov. John Lynch has been quoted as saying that if the communities of New Hampshire don't want the project, then he won't support it.

Many individuals have been writing to the Governor to express their oppostion. On Tuesday, Pam and Peter Martin of Plymouth came to Concord to deliver the more than 2600 letters they have collected to the Governor in the hopes that he will listen to his constituents and come to their aid. You can read the Martin's press release here.

For more about the grass roots opposition to Northern Pass, listen to Chris Jensen's piece on NHPR here.

You can email the Governor here. You can write the Governor at this address: Office of the Governor,
State House, 107 North Main Street , Concord, NH 03301.

Or maybe just pick up the phone and give him a call: (603)271-2121

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