March 27, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Towers

Northern Pass would like New Hampshire residents to think that the view of the proposed towers won't be all that bad, and have been putting out scaled drawing as those seen in a story in the NH Sunday News by Paula Tracy and Sara Young-Knox that you can read here.

But it would seem that potential real estate buyers would beg to disagree, as the market for any property with a potential view of the towers has disappeared since the Northern Pass proposal gained notoriety last fall. Even property owners in Franklin, where city officials like the tax benefits that the project would bring, are concerned about the falling values of their properties.

The DOE hearing in Haverhill, NH, was of particular interest because they know exactly what living near towers and HVDC lines is like thanks to the existing National Grid line. Note that not one person spoke in favor of Northern Pass in Haverhill.

Watch going forward as Northern Pass attempts to not only minimize the impact of the proposed towners, but tries to marginalize the public opposition.

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