March 30, 2011

House Rules: Eminent Domain Bill Wins 86% of Vote

A 'crushing defeat' for Northern Pass is what more than one legislator called the 317-51 House of Representatives vote in favor of HB648--the bill meant to curtail the use of eminent domain for private commercial power transmission projects like Northern pass. It is good news for the overwhelming number of people against the Northern Pass proposal, and the House should be commended for recognizing the fundamental injustice of using the government's power of eminent domain for a private commercial venture. The only way to get over 300 votes in a 400-seat legislature is to have support from all over the state. Coos County sends only 11 legislators to Concord--Grafton County only 26.  Further evidence that the opposition to the Northern Pass proposal is not only deep, but wide.

But the bill must still go through the Senate. Should it survive Senate, it may not be a welcome guest in the Governor's office. Read the Forest Society's press release regarding the House vote here. Paula Tracy's story in the Union Leader can be read here.

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